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strong> It’s not just hard work without pleasure to have people in the poker world. Poker players are fond of using the website Twitter to keep us informed of all aspects of their daily lives. Below are some excerpts of the posts this week Tweet. There are many successes in the online poker world. Jennifer ‘Jennicide “Leigh had the following about her success in the PokerStars Online Poker Spring Championships (SCOOP):” I won a re-buy for $ 5! “They reported on Wednesday. “After recent gains, the RLB points updated and I am a third w / 3398 … 1st place, 3438 … I have until Saturday … I hope I will succeed! “Jon” Pearl Pity “Turner is doing well,” 11th in the Razz $ 200 scope for $ 1500, 5th place $ 150 on FTP for $ 8,000, and third in the 50r Turbo for $ 3000 … plus a number, only $ 4000 ended one day. ”  Party Casino Bonus Code

The success at the front was mixed live poker, where players were warming up for the WSOP championship during the state of California. “Weeeeee … @ CalStatePoker dark central stud tournament here,” reported Dave “Hollywood” Stann on one of the stud events. “Nobody believes each + call station = profit.”

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Rob Perelman was at the state championship California and took the time to his appreciation to commend Stann by messages: “I thought that @ Hollywood_Dave the best stud player at my table would are. I did not think I would be second best. “Perelman has taken the second day:” 2nd in chips at the start of Day 2 of the @ CalStatePoker stud tournament. And this is still the first real stud tournament I’ve ever done it. ”  Party Casino Deposit Bonus

Phil Hellmuth used his Twitter page to express his thanks to the ten things he is most grateful. In his first post about Tweet Hellmuth commented on “10 things I’m thankful for: a good health, my wife, Kathy, 2, 3 Phillip Son, Son Nick 4, 5 The good health of my family, My 6 1911 WSOP earnings. “Phil ended this list to report:” 10 things I thankful I: 7 All my WSOP records, 8 A life filled with love and support, 9 all signed deals that I have, 10 A life of adventure, “The last words come from Kara Scott, who was kind to her most embarrassing moments of the day to share with us: “I realized only at 21.00 that I was wearing my shirt inside out. All day long! ” search for poker in google