History of Craps

How the game came in the world? Few experts agree on its history. One of the prevailing theories, that of one Richard Epstein argues that the game has its roots in an ancient game played in the Middle Ages, known as the ‘Hazard’, whose formal rules were finally established by Montmort the early eighteenth century. Even where the name of the game remains difficult to determine, many agree to say that there is an evolution of the English name ‘crabs’ (crab), or the French word ‘frog’. This remains a topic of discussion particularly on the agenda among many experts in the casino and its games. LadbrokesCasino

According to other sources, the game could come from a game played partially analogous time of the Roman Empire. The soldiers of the Roman legion were accustomed to cut the bones of pigs cube and throw in a shield on the reverse, passing time between battles. But most experts agree on the fact that the game of craps is happening to the U.S. from Europe.

Two versions of craps that currently exist and can be traced historically known as ‘Street Craps, Craps and Bank’. More recently, the internet version of craps has become extremely popular.

Bitter expert most recognized and prominent player Geoffrey W. Dibben, Craps has its roots even before the Middle Ages. The Arabs played a game using little numbered cubes, called azzahr (meaning ‘die’). The game crossed the Mediterranean to return to France, or the game was renamed ‘Chance’, finally arriving on British soil before the year 1550, when the English word ‘hazard’ was adopted in the English language. The jet has the lowest value of this famous game was then called ‘crabs’. The French, trying to appear conciliatory, adopted this word in their own version of the game, but has deciphered the French ‘crabs’. casino club

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the game crossed the Atlantic and landed on the floor of the colony of Acadia, now recognized as Canadian territory.

In 1755, the French Acadia to deliver the British, who renamed the territory Nova Scotia and expelled the Acadians who had a native speaker of French. The Acadians, embarrassed, left the territory and then settled farther south in Louisiana, where they were (and are) called the ‘Cajuns’. They continued to play the old game of, but changed the name of ‘chance’ and renamed the game ‘CREBS’ or ‘creps’, which was their pronunciation of the French game ‘crab’.

In 1843, the word Cajun ‘creps’ was imported into the British language as craps’. For a time the people of the time did take care to respect the apostrophe after the word craps to avoid confusion with a slang term similar, and the word was not used very often. 100% Signup Bonus Make your first real-money deposit and take advantage of our generous offer Full Tilt Poker Bonus