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Slots History

Free Online PokiesAs you can manage to find a number of slot machines in different casinos around the world both offline and online, there are very few people who literally think of the origination of these single armed bandits,  here is little information on the origination of history of slot machines. Free Online Pokies

Early history of slot machines.

The fore fathers of modern day slot machines was believed to be a poker machine that was made by entrepreneurs Pitt and Sittman in the year 1981 in New York, Brooklyn. So, video poker certainly dates earlier to these slot machines in the form of machines that were actually operated making use of five card poker hand that was used to pull the reel of the machine.

As the game developed by Pitt and Sittman was very much popular, it was generally considered as being inefficient. The game was improved and developed by Charles Fey in 1895, who was also a car mechanic. He simplified the machine by making use of 3 reel machine and five different types of symbols that needed to be matched while playing the game.

As one of the symbols indicated a liberty bell so this machine was also called as liberty bell machine. So the use of limited number of symbols actually made it possible for Fey to develop the use of automated payout system, a feature which was not present in Pitt and Sittman machine.

Slot advances.

The first completely electro-mechanical machine was developed by Bally Company which is also considered as the basis for the development of the modern day slot machines as they were mass produced that can be seen in a number of casinos in large numbers. So these games of slots had managed to develop various categories making use of different types of themes and winning strategies. These also included multiple-line payout machines that in fact pay you more than what you put in for playing these games.

Modern slot machines.

Presently slot machines have managed to develop fully in various forms and types. Modern time’s slot machines are considered as being completely automated and computerized. There are also a number of slot machines that in fact does not make use of metal coins anymore. So in case you want to play multiple spins then you certainly have to make use of paper money or even your pre-paid cards. There are a number of online slot machines that can be found over the internet.

You can manage to come across different types of such slot machines that make use of different types of styles and designs. These slot machines also make use of different patterns to make the payouts to their customers. Different types of online casinos always make use of different types of slot machines to play the game of slot online. Online slots are gaining more popularity as compared to its traditional forms. These machines are considered as being more advanced as compared to most traditional forms of slot machines that were used earlier in a number of casinos. Play Now