Backgammon – Introduction

BackgammonComme for poker online, a whole section on Backgammon will be presented in our “Games”. Titan Poker

Extremely popular throughout the ages, the success of backgammon is still great even with the Internet. The heightened demand from the community of French-speaking players is the best witness and as evidenced by the number of online casinos that offer to play in French.

Backgammon enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that there are different versions online. It may play well in “simple” two-player mode series, a game ending when one player wins a predetermined number of parts (from 1 to 21, usually), and of course in the tournament.

We try to indicate the most important tournaments in our News section.

Luck and skill play an important role in backgammon. Therefore, it is the favorite of many players. It is true that the presence of this game on the internet is poor compared with the poker or blackjack, but we decided to devote a whole section because its popularity is growing! Get Doyles room rakeback